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Celebrating First Communion Season, the Patrick Madrid Show, and all that's new in braille and audio
Our Board Member Skylar meets Stevie Wonder, our appearance on Mater Dei Radio, and all that's new in braille and audio this month!
Meet our client Louis in Kuala Lumpur and read about our clients Stateside making waves.
Currents News stops by for World Braille Day, and other news throughout Braille Literacy Month.
We discuss the importance of World Braille Day and Braille Literacy Month for Xavier Society and our clients worldwide!
Preparing for our St. Lucy Mass, social media shares and shout-outs, and all that's new in braille and audio.
Introducing our braille client Alco, gearing up for iGiveCatholic, social media shout-outs and other news from Xavier Society!
We chat about the importance of White Cane Awareness this month and every month, share some social media shout-outs, and highlight all that's new in braille and audio!
Be sure to check out our September newsletter - this months news includes our patrons heading back to school, social media shout-outs, & our newest braille titles!
We highlight our summer intern Tiffany, discuss some cool social media shout-outs, and discuss all that's new in braille and audio.