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Patron Stories

Get to know some of the many people we serve worldwide!

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Clara pictured wearing a long sleeved pink dress and pink glasses
Father Jamie at our 2017 St. Lucy Mass reading braille
Father Jamie
Mara with her parish priest after serving her first Mass
Sharlene reading prayers at our St. Lucy Mass a few years ago
Bill lectoring from the altar dressed in a suit
Tiernan pictured wearing a green and grey coat and glasses with his cane outside around Christmastime
Sister Dolores pictured in her habit with her hands clasped in her convent's garden
Sister Dolores
Head shot of Father Larry smiling in a black shirt and collar
Father Larry
Valerie pictured with her guide dog at her graduation
Brother Ricky in his order's garb smiling at the camera
Brother Ricky
Randy in a white shirt wearing sun glasses and smiling
Dr. Ticchi wearing a yellow shirt and smiling in front of some filing cabinets
Dr. Ticchi
Donna wearing a red button up coat smiling
Dr. Kathie pictured with her guide dog on a bridge over a body of water
Dr. Kathie
Dee wearing a beautiful blue shirt with her cane pictured in her church
Rollie wearing a suit and posing in his kitchen
Lynn in front of some foliage smiling in a red coat
Dwight pictured at a podium wearing an American flag shirt and Air Force hat
Father Ron pictured with a violin
Father Ron
Antonio wearing a winter coat at Mass
Dick pictured at our offices in New York smiling wearing a suit and glasses
Mary seated reading a braille book to school children
Don & Gerry