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Patron Stories: Donna

Donna wearing a red button up coat smiling

Since 2004, I have been a regular recipient of braille and electronic materials from Xavier Society and I just want to say how very appreciative I am for all that I have received. I first got to know Xavier Society many years ago when a Nun made a small Prayer Book called The Children’s Mass for me. The book was a very small one that fit into my school bag and its covers were red. I also received from the same very kind Nun a book with blue covers called The Stations of the Cross and another companion book of Catechism lessons for Children.

Fast forward to today and I am so very grateful that I can have the chance to read and follow along with so many important Prayers, Feast Days, but most important of all, it helps me to stay close to God. My library of religious readings has been greatly enriched thanks to materials that I continue to request and receive from Xavier Society.  I am truly grateful to the staff for all of their help and I would encourage anyone who comes in contact with this very important organization to do whatever they can to ensure that Xavier Society continues to be a part of the lives of those who are blind and vision impaired.

I especially treasure my two collections; Advent with the Saints and Lent with the Saints along with books written about Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa.

It is often said that too many of us take the little things for granted but when it comes to being able to keep God as the center piece of my life and to stay in touch with scripture here is where I don’t. Xavier Society has enabled me to do both and I thank them for this and wish them many more years of success.