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Recent audio additions

Here is a listing of some of the newest releases on talking book available from our audio library. These books will play on the machines provided by the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS). For more information on our audio services please click here. If you'd like a complete listing of our Talking Book audio library, please check out our catalog by clicking here.

He Leadeth Me: An Extraordinary Testament of Faith by Walter Ciszek, SJ (1178):  Captured by a Russian army during World War II and convicted of being a “Vatican spy,” Jesuit Father Walter J. Ciszek spent twenty-three agonizing years in Soviet prisons and the labor camps of Siberia. Only through an utter reliance on God’s will did he manage to endure the extreme hardship. He tells of the courage he found in prayer—a courage that eased the loneliness, the pain, the frustration, the anguish, the fears, the despair. For, as Ciszek relates, the solace of spiritual contemplation gave him an inner serenity upon which he was able to draw amidst the “arrogance of evil” that surrounded him. Ciszek learns to accept the inhuman work in the infamous Siberian salt mines as a labor pleasing to God. And through that experience, he was able to turn the adverse forces of circumstance into a source of positive value and a means of drawing closer to the compassionate and never-forsaking Divine Spirit. He Leadeth Me is a book to inspire all Christians to greater faith and trust in God—even in their darkest hour. As the author asks, “What can ultimately trouble the soul that accepts every moment of every day as a gift from the hands of God and strives always to do his will?” 


A Doctor at Calvary: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as Described by a Surgeon by Pierre Barbet (DBX0103): What the Gospels don't reveal about Christ's sufferings, science does. While the Gospels relate only the barest essentials concerning the physical suffering of Jesus, Dr. Pierre Barbet addresses these gaps with scientific inquiry. A Doctor at Calvary provides a forensic pathologist's analysis of the Holy Shroud of Turin, which reveals the graphic account of Jesus's suffering at the hands of the Romans. Through a modern medical lens, Dr. Barbet examines the methods of infliction and physiological effects of each wound. He also delves into the historic practice and mechanics of crucifixion. This classic, with its engrossing and sympathetic portrayal of the Passion, has ignited religious devotion in clerics and laymen for over half a century. A Doctor at Calvary is a quintessential study for Lenten meditation and for those interested in understanding the crux of Christianity.

God Died at Three o'Clock by Rev. Gerald Brennan (DBX0996): Rev. Gerald T. Brennan writes another comprehensible book for the young minds about the love, passion and death of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It starts with the story of the Apostle that betrayed Jesus and ends with the Sunday after Christ’s death. Apparently every one of us know of St. Faustina and our Lord's visions to her, which led to the Feast of Divine Mercy, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the Icon of the Divine Mercy above. Yet, St. Faustina scribbled down the words of God to her - all permitted by the Church as original - and one was of the requirement to have a time to pray at three o'clock every single day. Our Lord died for all of us; He passed away for a cause not to be put on our wall or in a book but to be rested in our hearts to make us recall we are to be Eucharistic tabernacles to let the light of Jesus Christ to shine through every one of us. We can never disregard the Lord's immeasurable love and passion.

The Passion of Christ by Archbishop Fulton Sheen (DBX1079): Lessons on how the Passion of Christ relates to how we live with the trials and frustrations of our lives as explained by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Master theologian and teacher of the faith Fulton Sheen will deepen your love of the Passion of Christ, and demonstrate how those moments reverberate throughout history and continue to serve as the central focus for Christian life worldwide.

Meditations for Ash Wednesday by Fr. Benedict Groeschel (DBX1092): "Return to the Lord, your God" exhorts the Lenten acclamation. Join spiritual master Fr. Benedict Groeschel for a series of meditations that prepares us for Christ's Passover, for the paschal mystery of the Redeemer of the world, the great joy that is Easter.

Where is THAT in the Bible? by Patrick Madrid (DBX1136): Patrick Madrid compiled this wonderful little "fieldguide" to Catholicism that takes major Catholic beliefs and supplies Biblical evidence for them. He also uses the Bible to debunk a few beliefs of other religions as well. The book is broken down into six distinct areas of study: 1) Authority, 2) Doctrines, 3) The Sacraments, 4) Customs and Practices, 5) Moral Issues, and 6) Non-Catholic Beliefs.


Five Lessons from the Cross by Fr. Benedict Groeschel (DBX9138): In these profoundly moving conferences, Father Groeschel seeks to penetrate the mystery of the Cross and Christ's undying love for us. His invitation is fresh today, challenging us to ponder again the meaning of that sacrifice outside Jerusalem’s walls.