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Cover of the book showing the Redeemer of the World, with his hands outstretched

Reaching Jesus: Five Steps to a Fuller Life by David Knight (DBX0801): Father David Knight maps out a new path to a fuller life in Jesus Christ, offering readers a clear and compelling guide. Those who choose to follow it will know where they are, what steps they have already taken, and what steps they need to take next in order to arrive at the abundant life Jesus came to give.

Cover of the book showing a solitary figure walking through a foggy forest

Walking Humbly: Scripture Meditations in Verse by Thomas Flowers (DBX0839): The author, a published poet, presents 32 selected passages from scripture and follows each with a poetic meditation that offers a perspective on the people and events of the passages that is not necessarily part of our normal reaction to these mostly familiar biblical accounts. The book is meant to open a door for readers to enter into their own meditation, and as such is not so much intended to be read as to be prayed. Walking Humbly is a book about our relationship with the Lord and is appropriate as an instigator of faith sharing, as an aid for individual prayer, as a starting point for meditation, and as a companion for those on retreat.

Cover of the book showing a a profile of GK Chesterton, seated and wearing a hat

G. K. Chesterton by Dudley Barker (DBX0161): Cloaked all the while beneath his familiar and memorable public persona, G.K. Chesterton had a private life of extraordinary emotional, mental, physical, psychological and spiritual intensity and complexity. He ate, drank and worked too much. Late in 1914, in fact, he very nearly died after a complete physical and mental collapse. It seems almost incredible now that he succeeded even half as well as he did, not only in the playing of the larger-than-life character he filled out for himself in public but in his truly prodigious output as a writer - for which, despite all fashions, he justly remains a phenomenon of literature.

Cover of the book showing an illustration of Martin de Porres, smiling at the reader

Martin de Porres: Saint of the New World by Ellen Tarry (DBX0271): Martin de Porres, a brother of the Dominican Order, was made a saint in 1962. During his lifetime in Lima, Peru, in the seventeenth century, Brother Martin was a wonder-worker, a prophet, a mystic whose friends include the Viceroy of Peru and the Archbishop of Mexico.

Cover of the book showing Sister Dorothy waving and smiling

The Catholic Classics II by Dinesh D'Souza (DBX0519): Brief life and work of ten great writers, including Benedict, Teresa of Avila, Robert Bellarmine, Jacques Maritain, and C.S. Lewis.

Cover of the book with white text against a purple background and images of early saints

Spiritual Surrender: Yielding Yourself to a Loving God by James A. Krisher (DBX9184): The author asserts that surrender is the fundamental life stance that strengthens all choices. He focuses on surrender as a choice we make repeatedly no matter what the circumstance.