Recent audio additions

Here is a listing of some of the newest releases on talking book available from our audio library. These books will play on the machines provided by the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS). For more information on our audio services please click here. If you'd like a complete listing of our Talking Book audio library, please check out our catalog by clicking here.

Overdue: A Dewey Decimal System of Grace by Valerie Schultz (DBX1271): Valerie Schultz almost stumbled into prison ministry, a happy accident of a beginning. Initially fearful of the scary people she’d meet and the dark place she’d be working, she found that some inmates were dangerous, but many were kind; some were mean and some were friendly; some were misogynistic and some were respectful; some were quiet and some were loud. In short, they were a lot like the non-incarcerated population.

As Schultz went from volunteering to working in a clerical position and then running a library on a yard, she learned to see the prisoners as human beings. They possessed all the quirks and gifts and flaws, the nobility and the sin, that define humanity—every single one of them a human being created and loved by God. It was no challenge to find God in all things in prison, because God was palpably everywhere. In Overdue, Schultz shares what she learned and the grace she received during her fourteen years inside an American prison. Her experience and insights will transform how you see the people around you and the world we all share.

This book is also available in electronic .BRF.

Kingdom of Happiness: Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby (DBX1286):In this encouraging, easy-to-read book, Father Jeffrey Kirby offers hope to the tired, overburdened, and unhappy. He reminds us that we are made for happiness. But he goes beyond that, showing us the path to achieving happiness. It's not a new path. In fact, Jesus showed us the way in the Beatitudes, but this book reveals how these aren't merely nice sayings, they are powerful ways of living. Kingdom of Happiness shows that the Beatitudes are not a self-help guide or a boring list of eight more things to do, but are a series of grace-filled, life-giving promises that excite our souls and point us along a way of life that assures us of true, lasting happiness.

This book is also available in braille and electronic .BRF.??????????????



Mary Lou Williams: Music for the Soul by Deanna Witkowski (DBX0062): Deanna Witkowski brings a fresh perspective to the life and music of the legendary jazz pianist-composer Mary Lou Williams (1910-81). As a fellow jazz pianist-composer, adult convert to Catholicism, and liturgical composer, Witkowski offers unique insight gleaned from a twenty-year journey with Williams as her chosen musical and spiritual mentor.

Viewing Williams’s musical and corporal acts of mercy as part of a singular effort to create community no matter the context, Witkowski examines how Williams created networks of support and friendship through her decades long letter correspondence with various women religious, her charitable work, and her tireless efforts to perform jazz in churches, community centers, concert halls, and schools. Throughout this fascinating story told with equal amounts of deep love and scholarly research, Witkowski illumines Williams’s passionate mantra that "jazz is healing to the soul."

 This book is also available in braille and electronic .BRF.?????????????? 

La Biblia: Introducción a la Sagrada Escritura por Rafael Ramirez (DBX1287): Este libro ofrece a los católicos hispanos una base para entender la Biblia y orar con ella en armonía con las tradiciones de la Iglesia. Al abordar la Biblia como una comunicación amorosa, como se recomienda en el Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica y en declaraciones recientes de los Papas Benedicto XVI y Francisco, la estructura de tres partes del libro nos ayuda a comprender cómo la Palabra de Dios ha pasado por tres grandes etapas en la historia.

La Biblia: Introducción a la Sagrada Escritura offers Hispanic Catholics a foundation for understanding the Bible and praying with it in harmony with the traditions of the Church. By approaching the Bible as loving communication—as encouraged in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and in recent statements by Popes Benedict XVI and Francis—the book’s three-part structure helps us understand how the Word of God has passed through three great stages in salvation history.