Recent braille additions

Here are some of the newest additions to our braille catalog! To learn more about our other braille services click here. For a complete listing of our braille materials, provided at no cost to our clients, check out our catalog by clicking here.

Cover of the book showing the inside of a church with blue banner and yellow text

The Way of Catechesis: Exploring Our History, Renewing Our Ministry by Gerard F. Baumbach (B1766, 6 volumes): Offers a new and timely perspective on the vital ministry of catechesis at a pivotal moment in the work of New Evangelization. Baumbach shows how today's catechists can follow the pedagogy of Jesus, "the way, the truth, and the life," and he invites readers to an understanding that includes both the process and the content of handing on the faith and also a way of living in union with Christ the Teacher.

Cover of the book showing an etching of a moon above a lake at night

If You Listen Really Hard, God Will Tell You Stories by Jane Wolford Hughes (B1767, 2 volumes): These always wise, sometimes poignant, and often witty articles first appeared in shorter form in the "Faith Alive" column of diocesan newspapers nationwide. The 43 stories are wonderful inspirational reading and particularly useful for homilists, speakers and religious educators.

Cover of the book showing the miraculous medal against a blue and black back drop

The Miraculous Medal: Stories, Prayers and Devotions by Donna Marie Cooper-O'Boyle (B1768, 2 volumes): Over twenty years ago, Mother Teresa gave Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle a blessed Miraculous Medal, and she has never taken it off. To date, Donna-Marie has given away thousands of Miraculous Medals. But what is the Miraculous Medal--and why is it considered miraculous? Why is it important for us today? You'll learn the answers to these questions, and you'll also discover the origin and history of the Miraculous Medal.

Cover of the book showing three stones on top of each other with red text

Words of Life: Poems and Essays by Ann Chiappetta (B1769, 1 volume): In this new collection of poems, essays, and flash fiction, the author (a braille client of XSB!) once again exhibits her ability to write about both the light and dark sides of life. There are numerous poems and stories about nature: its kindness, cruelty, and wonder. There are frank expressions of the sadness and frustration she felt at the progressive loss of her eyesight and a poem about the social isolation that disability can bring. Other pieces, though, sing of joys as diverse as family closeness, the love of dogs, the delights of scents, and the power of the muse.