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Recent braille additions

Here are some of the newest additions to our braille catalog! To learn more about our other braille services click here. For a complete listing of our braille materials, provided at no cost to our clients, check out our catalog by clicking here.

1 volume of braille with print version

Victory: We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight by Grace Bertolino (B1990, 1 volume): Victory is the life story of Grace Bertolino, a woman from Ohio who has been blind her entire life. Despite the many challenges she has faced, she approaches each day with a sense of optimism and positivity. Tenacious and independent, Grace's faith plays a major role in her life and in this book, teaching us to approach obstacles with a glass-half-full mentality.

1 volume of braille with print version of the book

Beautiful Eucharist by Matthew Kelly and others (B1991, 1 volume): Beautiful Eucharist is a stunning collection of life-changing reflections about Jesus truly present in the Eucharist and wonderfully present in our lives. The world needs the healing and hope only Jesus can provide. He is waiting in the Eucharist to transform families, Churches, communities, and the culture as a whole. And all of that begins with your own life-changing encounter with him today. Beautiful Eucharist is an invitation to encounter the life-giving presence of Jesus in the Eucharist so you can be a life-giving presence in the world.

Four volumes of braille with print version of the book

Foundations for Discipleship from FOCUS Catholic and edited by Curtis Martin and Edward Sri (B1989, 4 volumes): There's a lot of talk about Missionary Discipleship. But how do you practically live it? "Foundations for Discipleship" is not simply a book you read. It's a tool you use to form and accompany others on their journey as Christian disciples. For use with small groups or individuals, these captivating articles provide the roadmap for training in the basic skills of Christian living and evangelization, including:

- How to live "The Little Way of Evangelization"
- How to accompany others on the journey of "Win," "Build," and "Send"
- How to help others grow in prayer, Eucharistic devotion, Christian friendship, and care for the poor
- How to share the Gospel and your testimony
- How to deepen one's own interior life, from which all evangelization flows
- How to invite others into mission
This book is a toolbox for leaders who want to walk with others in discipleship. If you read it by yourself, it might change your life; if you use it to lead others, you might change the world.