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With Burning Hearts pictured in braille and print

With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life by Henri J. Nouwen (B1899, 1 volume): Through the Gospel story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Henri Nouwen offers a profound understanding of what he calls "The Eucharistic Life." Like the dejected disciples of the story, we too come together in our brokenness before God, hear the Word and the profession of faith, and recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread. But then, having received this Eucharistic gift, we are called, like the disciples, to go forth in mission to spread the Good News. From mourning to discernment, from invitation to intimacy, and from community to the charge to go forth and bear witness: With Burning Hearts calls us to experience all of this journey, to know that what we celebrate and what we are called to live are one and the same.

Cover of the two books in print

Theology of Her Body: Discovering the Beauty and Mystery of Femininity and Theology of His Body: Discovering the Strength & Mission of Masculinity by Jason Evert (B1901 and B1902, 1 volume each): Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body will feed your teens with liberating answers to their most pressing questions about love and sexuality. These books offer solid, relevant teachings in a language teens understand. But more than just presenting the truth itself, they deliver the tools teens need to achieve the greatness for which they were created. This book comes at a critical time, because tragically, many teens have forgotten their calling, or worse, have never heard it. As a result, they don t know who they are or who and what they are meant to be for one another. This means they often resort to using instead of authentically loving others and themselves. Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body are two books in one. Teens are encouraged to not only learn the truth about their own body, but also to discover the beauty of the opposite sex, for it is in seeing the complementarity of the two sexes that one discovers the real meaning of his or her own body. One thing is certain: anyone who reads this book will never look at his/her body, or anybody, in the same way again. In these books, teens will discover: How to live a life that will make them happy and fulfilled. That their sexual desires are good and holy and actually designed by God. The amazing meaning of their body and that it is very good. Their true calling and purpose in life. How to be the man or woman of greatness they are destined to be. The meaning and power behind the words Beauty, Femininity, Strength and Mission. What it means to be created male and female in God's image of love. The ways we have messed up God's original plan for us and how to fully restore it.

Braille and print book

Jesuit at Large: Essays and Reviews by Paul Mankowski, S.J. and edited by George Weigel (B1897, BRF only): Father Paul Mankowski, S.J. (1953-2020), was one of the most brilliant and scintillating Catholic writers of our time. His essays and reviews, collected here for the first time, display a unique wit, a singular breadth of learning, and a penetrating insight into the challenges of Catholic life in the postmodern world. Whether explicating Catholic doctrines like the Immaculate Conception, dissecting contemporary academic life, deploring clerical malfeasance, or celebrating great authors, Father Mankowski's keen intelligence is always on display, and his energetic prose keeps the pages turning. Whatever his topic, however, Paul Mankowski's intense Catholic faith shines through his writing, as it did through his life. Jesuit at Large invites its readers to meet a man of great gifts who suffered for his convictions but never lost hope in the renewal of Catholicism, a man whose confidence in the truth of what the Church proposed to the world was never shaken by the failures of the people of the Church.

Print book with 2 braille volumes

Pocket Guide to the Stations of the Cross by Dr. Edward Sri (B1898, 2 volumes): Encounter the passion of Christ in a deeper and more meaningful way. The Pocket Guide to the Stations of the Cross invites Catholics to discover the depths of Christ’s love shown to us by his passion and death. In this beautiful book, readers will find a guide to accompany them and help them meditate on Christ’s Passion. Edward Sri explains the origins of this ancient devotion and gives powerful original meditations for each station. Within this small but impactful book, Catholics will encounter:

- New reflections on the scriptural Stations of the Cross
- New reflections on the traditional Stations of the Cross
- The origins of the Stations of the Cross
- Why the Stations of the Cross are not just for Lent